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Library Policies

General Rules
In order to provide a safe, secure, and welcoming atmosphere, the following are prohibited:

  • Any form of smoking.
  • Loud or unreasonable noise and phone calls.
  • Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing library or personal property.
  • Misuse of materials and facilities.
  • Removing library materials without permission.
  • Presence in staff-only areas without permission.
  • Posting materials anywhere in the library without permission.

** Food is not allowed, however, covered drinks allowed.

Who May Borrow Materials?
Patrons can view their records and renew materials online

Students: Loan period: 1 Book for 1 week; 1 renewal for another week.

BMC Faculty and Staff: Loan period: 2 Books for 3 weeks; Renewals – 1 renewal for another 3 weeks


  • If the Library recalls an item, it must be returned by the date specified on the recall notice. 
  • Any borrowed item is subject to recall after One Week if another library patron requests it.

Non-Circulating Materials

  • Reference books.
  • Periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers).
  • Archives & Special Collections.


  • Patrons are responsible for returning borrowed materials on their due dates. 
  • The Library sends overdue notices as a courtesy only. 
  • Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their accounts.
  • Patrons will be billed for damaged or unreturned library materials checked out to them. 
  • Fines and replacement costs will be transferred to the students’ accounts. 

Library Computers Usage

  • Library computers and audiovisual equipment are to be used only for educational, instructional and research purposes.
  • Users must not use equipment in an unsafe or harmful manner and should not damage equipment and facilities.
  • Users must comply with BMC Policy on the Use and Management of Information Technology Resources.


  • Printing from Library computers is available on a fee-per-page basis. Please check with library staff. 

Lost or Damaged Library Items

  • Patrons are responsible for replacement charges for lost or damaged items. 
  • The Library will not accept materials that patrons purchase as replacements. 
  • Replacement charges owed by students will be transferred to Students Affair office for collection.

Fines & Fees Appeals Process

  • After the first 30 days overdue the student will be charged SAR 100
  • After the second 30 days overdue (total of 60 days) the student will be charged again SAR 100
  • After the third 30 days overdue (total of 90 days) the student will be charged the total price of the book

Overdue Materials

The Library charges the following rates for replacement:

  • If the book cost between 1 and 299 the fine is SAR 300
  • If the book cost between 300 and 599 the fine is SAR 600
  • If the book cost between 600 and 899 the fine is SAR 900
  • If the book cost between 900 and 1199 the fine is SAR 1200
  • If the book cost between 1200 and 1499 the fine is SAR 1500

Individuals may contest charges for overdue, damaged, missing, or lost materials borrowed from the Library. The Library intends to provide a fair and impartial review for everyone’s case while exercising its responsibility for stewardship of its collections.

Step 1: Verbal Consultation: Within 30 days of the date that the charges were incurred, speak with Library Manager and explain why you believe the charges should be reduced or dismissed.
Step 2: Written Appeal: If you disagree with the outcome of your consultation with the Manager, complete a written appeal, and submit it within 30 days of the date that the charges were incurred. The appeal will be reviewed by the library committee. Once the committee decides, the appeal process will end. Please note: Only the person in whose name the charges appear may appeal the obligation. Library staff will only consider appeals made within the stipulated timeline.

Lost and Found

  • BMC Library assumes no responsibility for personal items left in the Library.
  • These items will be held at the circulation desk only until they are given to Safety office. 

Theft and Mutilation

  • The procedures and guidelines found in College Policy will be followed when applicable. 
  • The Library reserves the right to examine the contents of any backpack, purse, or bag when the security system gate alarm has been activated.

Improper Removal of Library Materials
If a library user is discovered to be exiting the building with library materials which have not been properly checked out, or which do not circulate, he/she will be asked to present a form of identification to a library staff member. If, in the judgment of the library staff member, the library user deliberately failed to properly check out library materials, the person may be charged with a violation of the College Policy and may pay (2 times) the amount of the damage sustained. The staff member will complete an Incident Report form, which will be forwarded to the College Administration. Campus Safety may become involved.

Mutilation of Library Materials and Property
All incidents of mutilation of library materials or property will be considered a violation of College Policy and reported to the College Administration. The Incident Report form will be used, and any evidence gathered will accompany the form. 

Gifts / Donations
The Library accepts donations of books and periodicals that meet our regular selection criteria. These criteria include such factors as subject matter, copyright date and condition of the item(s). Upon acceptance, the gift becomes the property of BMC Library. If the library decides not to add the gift to our collection, we reserve the right to dispose of the item as we see fit. The Library is happy to acknowledge receipt of donations in writing but does not write letters itemizing the gifts or placing a monetary value on the donation.

Bulletin Board
Library provides bulletin boards for the display and dissemination of informational bulletins, brochures, posters, and literature of interest to the college. Please present all materials to the library staff at the Circulation Desk.  As time permits, the Manager or a librarian will review the material to determine whether to display or post it. Library staff may refuse any materials that do not meet the Policy's criteria.

  • Poster size is limited to A4 paper.  Larger items may be accepted for display at the discretion of the Circulation Services Manager or a librarian. Approved material will be stamped, dated, and posted/placed by a staff member.
  • All materials will be removed the day after the event date, after one month, or at the end of the semester as appropriate.
  • Library staff have the discretion to rearrange or remove postings to make room for others.
  • Inappropriate, unauthorized, and outdated postings will be removed.
  • Items posted or placed elsewhere (walls, tables, windows, doors, etc.) will be removed.

Appropriate materials may include notices about:

  • Library or college events
  • Student club announcements
  • Job fairs and Employment
  • Research studies
  • Scholarships and study abroad programs
  • Informational

Collection Development Responsibility
Collection development is coordinated by the Library Management using a variety of selection tools. All members of the College are encouraged to participate in the collection development. Faculty are strongly encouraged to recommend materials in their academic disciplines, particularly to support their courses. Suggestions from students, staff, and community members are also welcomed. 
Reference materials  including encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, directories, indexes, bibliographies, statistical compilations, and handbooks, are purchased in support of the research and curriculum needs of students.
Electronic resources including subscription databases, e-books, and periodicals
Arabic language materials are collected supporting Arabic language courses.
Duplicate materials are purchased only when high demand is anticipated. The Library acquires two to five copies of each title when possible.

Room Reservations

  • Study rooms may be reserved for groups of 5 people or more.
  • You can reserve a study room up to 2 hours per day.
  • A student ID is required to reserve a study room.
  • The student is responsible for the decorum and actions of all group members during your time in the study room.
  • Study rooms are not soundproof; therefore, you are encouraged to keep your voices down, if you disturb others you may be asked to vacate the room.
  • Furnishings from other parts of the library must not be brought into the study rooms
  • Students are not allowed to use the study rooms to sleep
  • The reservation will be canceled if you are late more than 15 minutes

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